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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  July 5, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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they tried for 14 minutes to get him to drop his weapon and that is when two officers fired at least one round each. oakland police had a busy 4th of july weekend. as you can see from the cameras at the jack london square that illegal fireworks lit up the sky last night. given that there were no sanctioned events. they could face fines of up to $100,000. and also out of oakland, a heroic story about a man that ran into a home to rescue a disabled woman. >> he was just glad that he was in the right place at the right time. everyone reported hearing those fireworks on july 24. one of the fire works were shot
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across the street. and they set this house on fire, after learning that there were still people inside that building. >> good job, be careful. >> i heard the lady screaming as i was around that corner. and i was concerned that there was still somebody in the house. >> reporter: he met with the daughter dana who is disabled and she couldn't leave the house. oaks wasn't leaving either. >> i wasn't going to leave without her. we would have been trapped in here. >> today, they met for the first time. >> and we were at the right place at the right time. >> when i saw him go in i was a
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little worried. i hope he will be okay. but then he was in here for so long that i wondered if i need to run in. >> reporter: with flames in the the front of the house, they were forced to use that side exit. and that they were just wonderful. >> reporter: he was lucky to be in the right place at the right time. >> with them seeing this and all the other stuff that goes around here. >> reporter: today all that is left is the bond of neighbors looking out for each other. and now to the latest on
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the brexit vote with leaders saying that there will be no negotiations on their intention to drop from the eu as they criticized supporters of brexit. for stepping down from their party's leadership. he said, "patriots don't resign when things get difficult." >> and instead of developing a plan they are leaving the vote. >> today conservative party members began choosing candidates in their search for a new leader and prime minister. prime minister david cameron announced his resignation following the brexit vote. home secretary teresa may received the most votes in the first round. the new party leader will be announced in september. stocks closed lower today on the continued uncertainty over the fallout from the brexit vote as they fell 108.s. nasdaq lost 139 points and s&p
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was down 14. italian police are one step closer to finding out how an american college student died in rome. authorities pulled 19-year-old beau solomon from a river on monday. he was last seen at a pub. he is said to have suffered a head wound and had blood on his shirt. and he is now in italy to try to learn what happened to the season. >> this is not the result of that night out, which they killed this one. >> reporter: he had just arrived in rome after finishing the freshman year. following his disappearance, more than $1,000 in charges were made hundreds of miles away in milan.
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coming up, that their involvement has been sending the spacecraft to jupiter. and next, how the house democrats are promising more fireworks on the issue of the guns.
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it's not the summer heat that will be stifling things on capitol hill. democrats are promising more destruction this week on the floor over the fight of gun control. >> this comes as house leaders will mow over possible punishments following the 25- hour sit-in at the house last
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month. mike emanuel with more now from capitol hill. >> reporter: house democrats intend to continue the program in late june. >> we demand a vote for the countless victims and families in ongoing tragedies. >> reporter: they were the organizers of the city weeks ago, expected to meet with the house speaker tonight. the memo obtained by them over the weekend alerted members that the plan is to be as disruptive as next week as they would dismiss their sit-in as the publicity stunt and to blast them today for violating their house rules. >> abraham lincoln said it best that there is no grievance of the object of redress by mob law. and what we saw was the mob law of the occupied wall street and brought to the house floor. >> reporter: the gun control
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debate made it to the senate floor. the texas republican senator john cornin offered an amendment including the three- day waiting period to give them time to ask a judge to stop the sale. but they failed to get 60 votes without enough democrat support. now the house is planning to take it up. >> reporter: the republican proposal is specifically designed to ensure the justice department will fail and the suspect is allowed to buy a gun. >> reporter: the republicans have blasted the democrats for fundraising over their sit-in adding that it is all about election-year politics. they believe that the gun issue is a winner for them politically and that they lead some to include many democrats who would rather have their issue than the bill. >> maybe they just want a political ad and an argument in the campaign and that it does not enhance safety, it does not improve our nation's security. and that it is unfortunate that they will stand in the aof progress. >> reporter: speaker ryan and the the majority leaders are expected to meet with the sergeant of arms on wednesday
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to review the disturbance to make sure that it does not happen again. on capitol hill mike emanuel fox news. a 30-year-old man is in custody tonight being held without bail as he is the prime suspect in at least two arson attacks in mountain view. these are pictures of one of those incidents back in may when that self-driving car was fire bombed on the west google campus. raul diaz of oakland was arrested last thursday near google headquarters. federal agents said that he has had a gun with them confessing to a shooting at google as they say that he told agencies he felt that google was, "watching him." and still to come here a spacecraft that is traveling nearly two billion miles, an incredible feat. up next the look at that company that would help nasa with some of their parts that made this historic journey possible. some cool weather this week, talking about
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temperatures that will be below what you might expect for july.
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after a five-year journey, nasa's juneau aircraft has entered jupiter's orbit. there was a celebration today as they went into orbit around the sources of some of the largest planet. so far it has cost more than $1 billion. the company and the sacramento area, they would play the
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critical role in that mission to jupiter. >> yeah, they tell us that it is a milestone for their company, designing some of the key components of their spacecraft. that they had a lot to celebrate. >> i heard that it started at launch. >> reporter: the rancho cordova facility, to help get them to their destination. >> and while they come in that front gate and they go out the back gate, we will do everything here. >> reporter: they produce about 370,000 pounds. >> it years in the making, launching in 2011 and finally arriving late monday. >> we're about to be back in
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that incredible journey, learning about nature. what they will tell us about their history, how they were made. >> reporter: the spacecraft will orbit 37 times, the thruster will stay on for the ride. >> they will be used to point that camera or the special instrument. the largest planet that came crashing to a deliberate end in 2018 to delay crashing into jupiter's moon. >> again, that is kathy park reporting as it is the first to orbit jupiter, intensally crashing into jupiter in 2003. they say that they have more than 2,100 fights that are burning in el dorado and placer county. this morning they say that the fire is 50% contained, that more than 2,500 homes are still
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threatened. the evacuation orders have been lifted and some in the community have return today their homes, >> i took a bunch of photos, hoping that it will be the same. >> in coming back today, what are you doing? >> i'm overjoyed that i'm so grateful to firefighters. >> three people suffered minor injuries, still trying to determine how they started last week. that they have used about 5,600 acres. let's go back to the weather center. bill martin? >> yeah, we've got a cool day out here and a cool weekend and that it is fortunate, and when it was 100 plus, that we reported on it, because of the pattern that we are under right now, even the little drizzle
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will be possible along the coast with a lot of fog, some wind, and those temperatures in their valley, mostly in the 8s, the low 80s. you would expect to see the 90s, a lot of it down the coast. the fog is so deep as we have talked about. fog in most bay areas in the morning, representing that push, not necessarily the fog, but in the 50s and the 60s. the marine layer doesn't need to be fog as i always say that. just cool moist air. the green as you can look at it, yeah look that is the extent of their cooling influence of the bay in the ocean. and still obviously it is cooling inland further too, but the big impacts, the much cooler temperatures are right around the bay. with all that fog, it is coming up over the east bay area right
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now with more tomorrow morning. and north into san rafael, that it is the culprit and that it will release that high pressure and also when you see this low here, you will not see that high fire dangerous situations, temperatures cooler than average. so that is all you need to know. and that low will stick around this week. so tomorrow morning in san francisco, foggy, about 58 degrees or so. 60 degrees at lunchtime. in the day time high in san francisco, they will top out at 63 degrees with a few clouds that will be lingering with some sun tomorrow. that will be the hot spot and then you will get down to santa clara valley at 76 in san jose. that's plenty nice with their five-day forecast, kind of a cool moist pattern. there's a number of fires burning in the state, but the pattern, they will really help this next couple of days, so if you look at that top tier numbers that they will be well
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below average and not just for us, but in southern california, central valley. >> it looks like they will be holding steady. >> yeah, it will be like this, thanks, bill. coming up here, the warriors are still stockpiling their roster, adding the other free agent. >> and buster posey went to the park earlier today to make their dreams come true for hundreds of kids. mark is up next in sports. ♪ ♪
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mark is here now with sports as we start with a nice story. >> yeah, it is a nice story for baseball, but to kind of steal that headlines back. i'll tell you what, we will tell you about the all-star selections today. the four-cub infielders will all make it as starters for the all-star game coming up in a little over a week or so. five total cubs in the starting line ups. the giants will be represented by madison bumgarner. starting for the national league behind the plate will be buster posey who will be the catcher in major league baseball. but a little difference for buster is a lot of youngsters that are winding their way into at&t this afternoon. very excited because not only
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did they get to meet the giant's all-star catcher and buster handing out some 1,000 gloves to youngsters to give them a chance to shake their hands, to talk about that little baseball and their annual camp. and buster, they will talk about that at any time, but they just love to give back. >> i was fortunate that i grew up, you know, their family where they could provide me with their gloves and bats and to give me that practice time. and that i'm a big fan of the giants because they give some kids that don't maybe have that opportunity, to put them in or their ability to play in that league and their opportunity to play baseball. it's just a great game to teach you so much. >> yeah, he grew up down in georgia as an atlanta braves fan, but he got turned around when he moved out here to the bay area. in the meantime some of their golfers in the world, that they will all be near that bay area. actually the golf course down in san martine getting you ready for the u.s. open that
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will start on thursday -- san martin getting you ready for the u.s. open that will be starting on thursday. michelle wee won, struggling a little bit to talk about how she had hopes of getting her game back together, not only for this tournament, but the rest of the year as well. >> and i think that over the last, you know, couple of practice rounds that we would have this week will be the main focus entering on thursday, just slowly building up the confidence, going out there, you know, just trying to kick some butt. >> to put it distinctly. hey you can watch their u.s. open on fox sports 1 on thursday and friday and the first couple of rounds and then for round three and four that they will be on fox network. you've got to admit that it will be the first to admit that i did not see it coming, kevin durant, he decided to leave okc and join the warriors, but now that he has, much has been made to that and that also, who is going to fill out the rest of
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the roster now with so many big- time players? well, the big veterans will be signing with them today. he is a veteran power forward. the 13-year veteran who will play for their minimum, which will be about $1.75 million. 35 years old a role player and a very valuable ingredient to the warriors bench as they will be filling out the rest of their roster behind all the all stars. in the meantime clay thompson has been working out with team u.s.a. getting ready for their summergames in rio as he would talk about that addition of the one for kevin durant because they have started their roster. >> it is great news, we will see if he could build on something special for a long time. and that he wants to be a generational player and why he is so sought after for it and that he could bring a new dimension to their team to believe it or not that it will be a lot of fun and a great ride. >> they will get down to the
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future. >> surprising some warrior fans over at the camp. just look at this. oh my gosh. and i think that kid just fainted right there. as they greet some of their campers, a lot of those kids will be getting a whole lot of excitement on out of that. however on the other side of the kevin durant deal, how about young fans in okc? and when they would learn of the news that their star player will no longer be one of the oklahoma city thunder. have a look. hard to keep it away. he signed with another team.
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>> do you like golden state in >> no. >> yes. i want to punch him in the face. >> awe. >> mile is going to need some dumplings now. >> on the flip side where they will play on their flip side. >> mark, thank you. our coverage will continue right now over at ktvu. plus keba has a look at what they are working on tonight. >> julie, a man rushes into a burning home trying to save those inside. we'll hear from the man who neighbors are now calling a hero. plus, as friends and classmates gathered to say good-bye to a uc berkeley student killed in the terrorist attacks of bangladesh. we take a look at fighting terrorism with technology and balancing that out with our life. we'll talk live with an expert. join us on 7:00 only on ktvu fox.
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